Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dreaded Taxes

It has been a trying week, we've all been sick with a really bad cold that made it really hard to even get out of bed. Now I am doing taxes, and I must say I really loathe that task. Bad enough to have to hand over the cash, but the nightmare of getting it done is even worse. I've been trying to get my ebay listings done, quite a few in, quite a few more to go. I found way too much to paint this month and if I ever get that done, it will be a miracle. I've avoided the stacks of paper long enough, back to the grind...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day Out

I went out to the Rug Cottage to get a teapot for my niece and visit with Nancy. We talked blogs and the girls played with the kittens. We stopped for a visit at Sisters Garden and Twin County Dairy and we just ate squeaky cheese for lunch. It was darn good.

I'm kind of in a recipe mood, so will add some more, perhaps a bit more elegant, but still easy. This one is hardly a recipe at all. Dip a strawberry in sour cream, then brown sugar. Bite and keel over from bliss. This is a good one, believe me.

This isn't really a recipe either, now that I think of it. Make a salad of fresh fruit, toss with lemon yogurt. Every time I serve this to someone who hasn't had it, I get asked how difficult it is to make such a delicious dressing. It's good to be tricky.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gourmet on the Prairie

This is for my sister Mary. I see so many blogs with wonderful recipes and joked that I didn't know how many takers I'd have for my white trash chili recipe, but we do like it. Just brown ground beef, add Chili-o seasoning packet, one can of tomato soup and a can of pork and beans, top with shredded cheddar. I know, it does not make your mouth water, until you taste it, that is. Easy and good, never a bad thing. Here's a couple more of my "no one believes this would be good" recipes that really are. The best sloppy joes ever (give this to a teenage boy and see how they love it). Brown ground beef, salt and pepper, then LOTs of ketchup--that's it and I swear it's good! Best lemonade ever? One can of concentrate, water, ice and 2 cups, yes 2 cups of sugar. Toss in some lemon slices and pretend it's fancy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is it Really Spring?

Finally and at last, the snow is melting, it is possible to go outside without gloves and hats and I even have a daffodil trembling in front of the house. This has been the longest winter ever, and I didn't even imagine it, records show more snow more cold than any year ever. I want to plant flowers right now, impatient to have it truly over, but of course still a month to wait for real warmth. There's an antique show this weekend to distract me while I wait. Crossing my fingers to grab more wood bowls, we'll see.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Do Not Write Blogs When You Are Cranky

What if you created a blog and nobody noticed? Ha, the story of my life, living in the shadows and yes I am very cranky today. Busy trying to get to painting the papier mache eggs for Easter, have plans to break out the robins egg blue paint for some bowls as well. Daydreaming about a summer open house to sell the antiques, going big on a red white and blue extravaganza.