Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reheating Fish Sticks

I've been lucky enough to be a "stay at home" mom since my girls joined the family, always thought that name a bit funny, like you are not allowed to leave the house. I still remember the shock I felt the day I quit my job and everyone stared at me in wonder (or was it horror?), all asking the same question, what on earth was I going to do all day. I tactlessly blurted out "If I couldn't think of something better to do all day than come here and be told what to do, I'd off myself", realized that wasn't nice and went on to the truth of "you do realize, staying at home can be a joy, it is not a prison sentence". This brings me to an article I read in a parenting magazine when the girls were little. It was supposed to be a bridge-the-gap between moms who go out of the home to a job and moms who stay home to do a job; however, written by a "working mom",

it quickly turned into an article about how miserable stay at home moms are who are just jealous of women who don't stay home. Being me, the part of the article that stuck with me most was about food! It stated that the stay at home mom was jealous that the out in the world working mother got to have fancy power lunches with clients while we home frumps were reheating fish sticks. I read that part to the girls. They asked "What is a fish stick?" I still really wish I could have talked to that author, at the time I read it, I had just taken my girls to lunch at an Italian restaurant, and Anna had taken one bite of fettucine, clapped her hands and kissed me, she said it tasted so good it made her happy. Hmmmm, sitting talking business wearing a suit and high heels, or getting fettucine kisses while wearing jeans and flip flops, which would I prefer?

Now all this blathering started last night, when I walked in the kitchen and found Grace making herself a bedtime snack. Guess what it was? Caprese salad! She still doesn't know what a fish stick is.

Photos are of the girls posing around downtown Iowa City. It is a pretty place to grow up, isn't it?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Could It BE Any Hotter?

Supposedly, the temperature is lower than last week, but I swear the thermometer is wrong, it is so unbearable out there!~ Despite the heat, I'm running outside to try to get some decent photos, and they are pretty. Here are a few of the large pastry boards I have listed, they look so pretty in the sunshine.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Million Dollar Bunny

What a week it has been, starting off with taking Scooter Pie to the vet because he/she (even the vet couldn't tell on little 1 lb. Scooter) had stopped eating and it is because her/his teeth had grown too long for chewing. Not really a million, but $200 scary enough, little guy had to be sedated and antibioticed and have the teeth trimmed. Next, we get to give this little bunny medicine twice a day, and you can imagine how much fun that is! You wouldn't believe how tiny the little dropper is. I think Scooter is doing better all ready, still not chewing his chew toys as needed to keep the teeth down, but eating real food again and putting on a few ounces.

We've spent the week watching the bunny nervously, dealing with the unbearable heat and I've been doing a lot of fall items, some ready for auction, lots more in the works.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Celebrating James' Birthday

Yesterday was my husband's birthday, he did not have much luck having a happy day at work, but the girls and I at least tried to turn it around for him when he got home. We bought him a chocolate mousse cake and made walnut chicken for dinner, bought him lottery tickets in hopes of striking it rich (didn't work of course). Today I am playing catch up with all my ebay work. Here is a picture of a sugar cupboard I get to keep. When I first saw it, I thought the tin was a replacement, but it is actually original, and SOOOO pretty.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get Well Nancy!

I was feeling just a little bit sorry for myself yesterday, everyone so busy, no one seems to take time to keep in touch, just letting my frown grow a bit too much, when the phone rang. It was Nancy from the Rug Cottage, and even though she had terrible news that she is on crutches from a fall (the dangerous art of watering flower boxes, she says), it cheered me up to no end to hear from her. Everyone send good wishes to her for a speedy recovery, I know how awful it is when you are a get things done person like Nancy to have to sit and be still!

A Great Magazine

My mother in law sent us a subscription to Our Iowa magazine, it is so beautiful, I am adding the website, which doesn't do the magazine justice, if you ever have a chance to grab a copy, you'll love it. The photography is outstanding, and I love the monthly regulars of Prettiest Farm in Iowa and the Amish Farm Wife's Diary, which is really interesting. Anyway, here is the website,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day for the Antique Crowd

I am not a morning person at all, but was up at 6 this morning, out in the bright morning sunshine for Hanson's Grove Antique Show in Solon, then on to Mt Vernon and Marion. As you can see, careful packing was needed, especially after my husband found a $35 drop leaf table. Me "It won't fit." James, "It is only $35, it is going to fit." He turned it 4 ways, and by gosh, it fit!