Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Appliance Woes

We had furnished our old home with top of the line appliances, I had all stainless steel, the dishwasher a Bosch, refrigerator Electrolux, microwave Kitchenaid. The new kitchen is so bad, as I mentioned before, but more fun with the appliances. First, they took the microwave, so I don't have one. The others are good quality, but old, all white. The dishwasher is still a Bosch, but some of the buttons are missing and the whole thing falls out if you pull both trays out at once. Next problem, the disposal, which took a while to figure out what is wrong, because this you just won't believe--the rubber piece in the middle was put in backwards! Thus, nothing will fall through and you have to hold it down to even let water go down the drain. The refrigerator had a corner cubby built for it that completely wastes space and the wall is so crooked, I don't even know how they built it. So, kitchen is becoming a complete tear down, sigh. We will probably even have to replace the floor, as I am pretty sure it was put around the ugly cupboards and when we take those out, along with the crooked wall, there will be big spaces with no floor. One more complaint, the color--I am sure this paint has some name like caramel toffee sand, but it is the most hideous color I've ever seen.

On the up side, I have now used a gas stove for the first time and love it. I must explain for the cooks out there who would never dream of using an electric stove. My mom always had gas stoves and of course, they were always old and she had to light it with matches and it freaked me out every time I watched her light those burners, and became an absolute phobia of mine. Fortunately my electric ignitions work and I haven't had to get the matches out! Other upside is that the washer and dryer are old Maytags so they work, unlike the new Maytags that are "energy efficient". Has anyone else noticed that if a product is described as "green" or "energy efficient", it means they are total crap and will break down moments after you turn them on? I guess that is how it saves the environment, you can't use any energy if your appliances don't work.

the ugly kitchen, hoping to start tear-down next month

the laundry room is actually awesome, it is one of the things I love about the house

Friday, June 19, 2015


Hoping new photography will help in this most disastrous of slow summer sales, so dragging everything back out of the cupboards I just put them in and trying a fresh new look.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Baby Steps

The house continues as a disaster zone, but a few little things here and there are slowly transforming it.

My craft room was the color of a dreamsicle and had a big old fluorescent shop light for a fixture. Now it has Belle yellow walls and Cinderella blue ceiling with a ceiling medallion and brass chandelier, plus a stained glass window instead of curtains. Big improvement!

The parlor got its ceiling medallion, new switches and switchplates(the brass is the old one, wood is the new) and one of the paintings is up!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Things I was Saving for a Prim Kitchen that Will Not Be

My dream kitchen was going to be no fitted cabinets, just antique tables and cupboards, lots of primitives...Reality of my new house is that it needs to be a blue and white kitchen with early blue transferware china as its focal point, so will be selling the goods I was saving for the prim kitchen. Most tea tins will be $48 to $58, the stack of shooflys is $400, the early large lady cookie cutter is $50, pantry box $100

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Climbing Over Boxes

I've got a few things sorted out, mountains left to go. I am going to sell some of the primitives I used myself, as they don't quite go with the house, should have them up on ebay soon. I found a box filled with gorgeous white cotton baby dresses and little doll patchwork quilts that will be sold as soon as I have time for photographs. Of course, if ebay doesn't pick up soon, it will all be for naught--I do hate these dry spells, but it was convenient not to have to ship last week, I must admit! I am selling most of these for what I paid for them, but I was shopping at high end shops...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Done Moving---Almost

Well, everything is officially out of the old house, but not all is cozy and livable at the new house yet. This illustrates where we about lost hope at 2 am on the last night we had to get everything out:
We just started leaving things on the porch, too tired to get them inside.

Most of the rooms look just like this:

The music room is the least damaged, but still had to pile things up in there too.

I have decided to just look out the kitchen window instead, much prettier outside! Anna and James made the teapot chimes, I had him hang them so I see them while I'm in the kitchen working--love my view!