Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bread Board Signs

Here are the latest bread boards turned signs (along with a chalkboard)

old glory oats white milk paint with navy lettering, $28

huge bakery bread board, soldier blue milk paint, $58

small farm friends board soldier blue milk paint, chippy and worn, $24

early tombstone, soldier blue with flour stencil, $48

huge bakery bread board, white milk paint with navy lettering, $58

early and prim slate chalk board with wood frame, $38

cupboard blue chalk paint, Independence Milling, $24

cupboard blue chalk paint, measure sign, small, $20

huge Groceries bread board, $58

medium size pastry board chambray and white milk paint, flour, $48

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mixing Bowls

This bowl is 7-1/4" top diameter, note the crack and wear to the glaze.  $30

This little yellow bowl is 6" top diameter, cracked and the glaze is darkened and crazed, $35

This little yelloware bowl is only 4-3/4" top diameter, very good condition with an original flaw in the glaze on the bottom, $75

These little egg gourds are the only ones I can find right now, they are about 2-1/4" long.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reworking Primitive Goods

I finished some things in red milk paint and decided they were not quite right, so out came the sandpaper and new paint... Here is one of the reworked items...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Special Order Photo Tins

Here you see the three sizes to compare
lady with cow, 6" for $7

fiddle couple also 6" and $7

just found out this is a photo of Tasha Tudor hanging out her wash, 5-1/4" for $6

lady in the kitchen also 5-1/4" and $6

chicken yard 3-1/2" for $4

mill worker girls 3-1/4" for $4