Monday, August 27, 2012

The Latest in My Prim World

Fun with rolling pins this week, all primmity prim. I have 3 rather enormous pins on the way too, one really long and skinny, 2 big old fat ones, all with a little fabric and stencils.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Early Doll Dresses

These are off to ebay tonight, ranging from small money to very large money! The little blue check is $24, indigo calico $85 and the red white and blue for $148, they are so gorgeous. I really wanted a red doll dress to put a bit of greenery on for a Christmas display, and they are so hard to find, but I just took some antique white baby gowns and dyed them red, along with some antique stockings, they turned out just right and I won't even have to charge the proverbial arm and leg for them. I have some in a cupboard blue dye bath right now that I had better go stir, hoping they are pretty too!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Iowa State Fair

That old 1940s movie State Fair is all about our own Iowa fair, and it is still just about the same, just a lot more food on a stick these days. I didn't actually eat any of said stick food, but we walked for over 3 hours to see only part of the sights. Grace met every horse in the horse barn and Anna dreamed of owning 100 bunnies as we stopped to pet bunny noses in the bunny barn. I could not find the quilt display, but did love the garden produce displays, from giant pumpkins to heads of cabbage

. The cow sculpted from butter had a line a mile long to get to see, but I did get her picture! Weather was gorgeous, an all around lovely day at the fair.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tiny Things

I have some itsy bitsys coming up for sale, have loved tiny antiques forever...

The Christmas Trees are Here

Having seasonal ADD here as I swelter in the heat and am awash in Halloween projects and Christmas greenery. These are the old containers with trees coming soon to an ebay near you.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weathering the Storm

It is What Cheer flea market weekend, something that brings loud groans from my usually uncomplaining Anna (watching the girls play with the neighbor kids earlier, I saw Grace get very angry and walking away from the other girls, told her she has been spoiled having Anna as her main playmate, as Anna is so even tempered and fair about everything, Grace doesn't know how to react to brattiness). Anna was right, as usual. It was unbearably hot and humid and the air was so heavy. We walked for miles to find only a little cubby shelf and a rolling pin, when thunder started to rumble. Well, we thought, rain should cool it off and we strolled slowly from the field to the buildings. In the moments that took, lightning was streaking down from the clouds, I don't even have time to think about counting between lightning and thunder, because it cracked a second after the strike. We headed to a tin sided barn, the closest shelter. The wind came up, lightning hit the transformer right by the barn, then the deluge, so much wind and rain and electrical craziness, doors had to be shut, making the barn suffocatingly hot and the noise from the storm hitting the tin roof and sides was deafening. I tell the girls to grab us and hold on for dear life if the roof came off, which at that time, I was certain it would. We were spared that, thank goodness, but many dealers out in the field couldn't get things covered up quickly enough, lots dashed to the ground and ruined. Not a good day for anyone.

Today, we are supposed to be studying Egyptian art, but the girls got more interested in Egyptian makeup, so stop for dress up, make-up time. We also looked up Walk Like an Egyptian on youtube, had forgotten about the line "And the Chinese know, oh way oh, they walk along like Egyp-ti-ans". So fitting.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Searching Etsy

I finally took some time to sit down to search Etsy, discovered you have to put in what you want in the search box, just browsing the vintage, which is all I want just gets you one thousand pages of Corelleware bowls. Once I narrowed things down, I found a few great buys, this tiny plate is for me, it is only 3" diameter, and looks cute as can be with the even tinier 1-1/2" plate I already had. Still no luck with my sales, but going to stick with it at least through Christmas. I am also going to do 2 shows in Clarinda this year, lets see if I go completely off the deep end trying to get all this ready!