Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ready for the 4th of July

I think I love the 4th of July maybe even a little more than Christmas. After all, a hot summer day with a gazillion antique shows to attend, grilled hot dogs, cherry pie, and fireworks over the Iowa River--what more could you ask for?

As you see, I'm getting ready early this year, painting everything that gets in my way in red white and blue, happy colors always.

A Stop in Marion

I found these amazing Victorian baby shoes in Marion at Antique Avenue, they must have been saved for Sunday best, they are in pristine condition.

A Fun Sale

We headed out to Fairfax for Simply Iowa's Memorial Day Sale, it did not disappoint. I actually remembered my camera and got some wonderful shots of her displays. I was totally enamored of the Mad Hatters Tea Party, isn't it just the best?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Longest Trip Across Town

Yesterday, we went across town to a yard sale and were going to come right home. Well, it was such a nice day, we decided to keep driving and since we were so close to Hwy 6, we headed on to the Mississippi River town of Muscatine. Muscatine has the most gorgeous Victorian homes overlooking the river, downtown still looks much as it did one hundred years ago. There used to be a million antique stores, but sadly now down to just 2. One is worth going for though, Manleys Antiques downtown, a beautiful store with everything from primitive kitchenwares to Victorian toys and clothing, all wonderfully displayed. The other must stop is always the Cotton Shop, a primitive fabric store where I always spend a million dollars.

After enjoying the view of the river, we decided LeClaire wasn't that far away, and why not drive there? It is a tiny river town on the edge of the Quad Cities, worth a trip just to look at it, paddle wheel river boat parked at the dock, Victorian homes looking out over the river, a real treat.

Well, we picked up a flyer that Geneseo Illinois has an antique mall, and again, why not? So, off we went across the river and had a great time at C & S Antique Mall, lots of good finds. The photo is wonderful antique spoons turned plant markers.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Patriotic Primitives

I finally finished a few of my red white and blue projects, they will be in the ebay store this week. I have tons left to do, including a nested set of bowls in red white and blue, a stack of breadboards in the same shades, red spoons, blue spoons, mustard spoons, hoping time will allow!