Friday, April 22, 2016

Almost One More Cupboard Done

I have the hoosier cupboard almost finished, but couldn't wait to share.  This one had me worried, but I think it is pretty good here at the finish line.  I still have to finish the pull out bread boards (thus the little slots under the counter) and I have to polish up the zinc again as I varnished it and it got all gouged up when we put the cupboard together.   My husband replaced the back of the cupboard with wainscoting and added the little crown trim--this straightening of the cupboard resulted in the doors no longer fitting, so a couple of nights have seen James planing down the doors.  Now they fit, but don't really stay closed, so we are looking for latches.    All in all, though, results are good.  First comment from James?  "Where did all those little white pitchers come from?"  I've been buying them for 10 years and packing them away for just such an opportunity.

Just in case you forgot, the cupboard looked like this a couple of weeks ago:

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Battle of Cream VS. White

I just put a post on facebook asking for opinions on the color of the crown molding in my dining room.  I plan to paint everything else in the room white, but hadn't decided about keeping the historical green that is on the crown molding.  I got a bunch of comments that I needed to paint the walls cream and not white---they are so wrong, but I hate facebook fights, so will just make snide comments here where hardly any one ever looks.  Case in point:

        The living room before was cream, it was ok.

Now that it is white, it is kind of amazing, I think.

So, despite the advice, the dining room is going to be white.  I always know what I want! (well, I still haven't completely decided about the green)

Here is the dining room today, a complete mess and the exact color of a salmon fillet.  We'll talk about the hideous giant built-in buffet later--it is going far away the minute I get my kitchen done.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My House is Kind of Clean

My living room has had half-painted cupboards, a saw (complete with pile of sawdust), piles of antiques waiting for me to have time to list them on every available surface and lots and lots of dust for about two months now.   At last, I got to clean and it makes me so happy, I took pictures to prove that we are not barnyard swine after all.

We just moved the gray pie safe into the living room, because of course, we bought another pie safe that had to go in the music room.

Here it is, mid-1800s, original mustard grain-painted finish

and we have appliances!

and ironstone!~