Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still Recovering from Clarinda Weekend

I am still so tired from this weekend. We moved 70 heavy sheets of plywood from our garage to a rental truck, drove the 4 hours to Clarinda and moved the plywood from the truck to the building, a backbreaking task to say the least. We then could not find the Uhaul place to return the truck, even though Clarinda is an impossibly tiny town. We finally found it hiding behind the Dollar Store, went to the Clarinda house to find the furnace not working. It appears that the batteries are out in the thermostat, but new ones did not work. We moved all beds into one room and put on a space heater, only to wake up hours later to a very hot house, as the furnace finally kicked in. Had the repairman check things on Monday, new thermostat installed, crisis averted for now. I picked up a few things left from my Christmas show, here is my photographs of what I found. My whites and blues and robins eggs are coming soon, they are some of my best work, hoping to have them ready for show and tell this weekend!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Eggs Are Done and What Ever Happened to Country Living?

I finished some of the colored eggs, still have the brown and whites to do.

I bought the new Simple Life magazine at the Rug Cottage, it is my official favorite magazine, along with a Primitive Place. I believe it has spoiled me for what used to be my must have magazine, Country Living. What happened to that? There used to be several homes showcased, good recipes, interesting articles. Now, maybe 2 houses, if that, and they are all "citified country"--when I saw the "small business" success story section showing Manolo Blanek (probably spelled it wrong and wouldn't even know what that meant if it weren't for Sex in the City) executives opening some store, like they count for small business. Other great ideas shown were a pup tent printed with a sheep photograph that cost a mere $675, REALLY? I guess I should just be glad I live where the real country is just 1/2 mile walk from my front door and I won't have to buy silly things from shoe company executives.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Odds and Ends Spring Cleaning Auction

Always a surprise when one looks in boxes at my house, I put things "out of the way" and promptly forget about them, then they reappear much later when I look in the closet and say, "I wonder what is in that box?" I found all this cute stuff and off to auction it is, before I misplace it again!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guitar Moms

Yesterday was spent getting ready for Anna to play for her guitar instructor's TV show, Toms Guitar Show, on our public access channel. The TV station is just a hole in the wall and the PATV watched by about 5 viewers, I think. Anna did really well, she plays classical guitar and did 3 numbers. This is her on the way into the station. After that, we came home and watched Dance Moms, they are so horrible, it is fun to feel superior! Back to work today with a vengeance, I may get everything done yet, we'll see...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Thing it is a Snow Day!

Despite the bitter cold Saturday, we went off to Kalona and cleaned out the shops. Barntiques came through with all the crocks I need to paint, I found a bunch, plus a bread board and a wonderful old wash tub. I picked up a few more odds and ends at the church and the Pink Begonia, more work to do! It is snowing hard out there today, good to stay home and maybe get some of those projects done. I ran out in the storm to take pictures, it is pretty out there...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

I have been rolling in Easter eggs this week, literally, the darn things pop right out of my hands when I'm painting them and I've spent too much time crawling around trying to catch them. These are the first done, the robins eggs, Easter and browns coming soon...