Sunday, April 17, 2016

My House is Kind of Clean

My living room has had half-painted cupboards, a saw (complete with pile of sawdust), piles of antiques waiting for me to have time to list them on every available surface and lots and lots of dust for about two months now.   At last, I got to clean and it makes me so happy, I took pictures to prove that we are not barnyard swine after all.

We just moved the gray pie safe into the living room, because of course, we bought another pie safe that had to go in the music room.

Here it is, mid-1800s, original mustard grain-painted finish

and we have appliances!

and ironstone!~


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I have a DR in dire need of cleaning. Was on the to-do list for this afternoon, but not gonna happen. So tomorrow it is!

    1. I was really grouchy during clean-up, but regained my sunny disposition when I finally got to sit down and view the results. I'm still not sure if I'll keep it clean, though!