Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tin from the Toychest

These are adorable turn of the century toys that are on the way to the shop...

Making Cookies

Here are a bunch of old cookie cutters I'll be listing....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Few Midwest Pretties

These are some pictures I took out on a country drive, plus some Galena photos, shops all decked out for Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

FIrst Snow

It's been a few days since our big blizzard, I took these the day after, it is Christmas pretty here! We braved the cold and snowy roads and went to Amana where I was very happy to find the pantry and spice boxes still there that I had to leave last trip, plus I scored a little shoofly--they will be on the way to the store soon.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Clarinda Show Hopes Dashed

In answer to a comment posted, Clarinda is a very small town in southwest Iowa, where I have an antique sale at my home a couple times a year. It is about a 24 hour drive to California, a drive I know VERY well as I think I've done it 20 plus times. I was born in Pollock Pines in northern California, and my family drove back to Iowa to see grandmas and grandpas several times when I was a child. We moved back to Iowa eventually, then I keep driving back, as one of my sisters lives in Los Angeles and my cousins are still in the Pollock Pines area (mostly Placerville, but of course you've got to stop in Tahoe where my cousin Janet lives). Writing this is making me want to jump in the car and head west! We will get to do that in the spring when my Los Angeles nephew will be getting married and we are so excited to go to a wedding and Disneyland in a single trip.

Now, as for trying a second weekend for my show, big mistake. We sat staring out the window wondering where all the population were hiding. Sending huge thanks to the few that stopped in to keep us company, I thought we'd go crazy with no human contact there for a while! The good part was clearing out the dining room Saturday and cooking dinner to share with the neighbors, we had walnut chicken and lots of wine and a good time was had by all!

I have lots of things left from the show, here is just a smackerel of what is on the way to ebay...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Minute Decorating Clarinda Starts Tomorrow

Back to Clarinda for open house part II, hoping for a better turnout!

I got some of my decorating done, I love my primitive corner with the tall tree from Gatherings, drab Santa from Annies in Cascade, wreaths from Nancy at the Rug Cottage, and my tiniest dough bowl and tiny bread boards are my favorites of all--adorable!

The antique horse is hard to see as he is in the big window, but he is wonderful.

The girls put up the Christmas farm, and we love it! The last photo is the outside of the house--my husband said he wasn't putting up any lights, then he thought just a few, but once he started, he couldn't stop! The tree on the left is red white and blue and the little one on the right is Anna's , all purple.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Clarinda Open House Part 2

First weekend did not go so well, only about 40 customers, to which I offer many thanks, the few who came were wonderful! Here are a few photos of my displays, going to try try again on Thursday Friday and Saturday....In case someone in the area actually looks at this blog, it is 10 to 7 Thurs and Friday, Saturday 10-2 at 302 South 15th across from the library.

I went to Amana yesterday and was stopped several times by people asking about the open house--now in Clarinda, I was stopped several times and told people about my open house, and no one seemed to know! I have got to get my advertising figured out...

Amana, by the way is Christmas wonderful, real greenery garlands swathe the town, luminarias everywhere, it is more beautiful than usual, if you are anywhere near, be sure to stop in!