Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hope it is Worth the Wait

These little groups are gorgeous, I must say, even though they took me what seemed like years to get all the finishing touches done. I went to Amana to Heritage Designs for the fabric, they just got in this huge selection of bright 1930s fabrics, aren't they so cheerful and pretty?

I still won't have time to list for a couple days, so if anyone wants them, prices are as follows--

Greens--paddle bread board w spoon 28, rolling pin 20, stoneware pitcher 25, seed tins 15 each, garden fork 15, original paint masher 15, wood bowl 25.

Reds--paddle board w spoon 28, same for square board with chicken cookie cutter, toy rolling pin 25 (I imported him from Germany), small rolling pin 25, seed pails 25 each, small tin basket with wood eggs 25, plaster chicken 8, toy fry pan 8, butter pat presses 20 each, hoe cake flour tin 25, and the red broom is 25. The little rolling pins in the pie pan are sets of 3, 15 for all 3 red, 15 for all 3 green.

I also have a blue collection ready and a yellow collection in my imagination, plus I just bought these horrendously expensive breadboards just so I can paint one red, one blue and one white, extra prim for a summertime collection that I am dreaming of. I've gathered several 48 star parade flags and some other Americana tins to brighten up the place. I also have a cozy prim cabin look that I'm working on--more ideas than I have time for!

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  1. Oh Elaine...yet AGAIN another bunch of fantastically and expertly spoilt antiques! The colours are lovely and your painting skills are second to none!
    Praise the Lord for people with taste...and I'm wondering where all the 'things' you have painted over the years would be by now, had you not got your hands on them and breathed new life into them?!! Keep it up, cos we LOVE 'em!!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Love Karen xx